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Monday, 22 September 2008


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» ADR's supposed "corrupting" role from PointOfLaw Forum
In Judicature, Harvard lawprof Peter Murray pens a jeremiad against arbitration, mediation, and private alternative dispute resolution generally which draws tart rejoinders from ADR practitioners Victoria Pynchon (more) and Geoff Sharp (via Blawg Revie... [Read More]

» Blawg Review says register to vote from HealthBlawg
Well, not exactly, but stick with me here. Aussie law prof Peter Black is hosting this week's Blawg Review at Freedom to Differ in honor of One Web Day. This year's theme for One Web Day is online participation in... [Read More]

» Blawg Review #178 Celebrates One Web Day from Settle It Now Negotiation Blog
If you believe that law blogging is not only informative and entertaining, but capable of transforming our lives, our society, our culture and our legal system as well, run don't walk over to Peter Black's Freedom to Differ which not... [Read More]

» OneWebDay: Blawg Review #178 from What About Clients?
Yes, we know. Everything about the "OneWebDay"* theme is like you died and went to Hallmark. And Hallmark is run by folks in hush puppies and tweeds with too much time on their hands. But don't be fooled. The OWD... [Read More]

» Blawg Review #178 from Chicago IP Litigation Blog
Blawg Review #178 is up at Peter Black's Freedom to Differ -- click here to read it. Black also cross-posted each link in this week's Review on Twitter. I admit that I have not grasped the full power of Twitter, but I am working on it. And I do gras... [Read More]

» Around the web, October 2 from PointOfLaw Forum
Civil Justice Association of California cheers Gov. Schwarzenegger for vetoing a slew of bills favorable to trial lawyer interests [listing of bills] Federalist Society 2008 election law conference [in D.C. next Tues., Oct. 7] West Virginia high court... [Read More]


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